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dr chawla Mission  
     Ankylosing Spondylitis  
     Aplastic Anemia  
     Atopic Dermatitis  
     Cerebrel Palsy  
To create awareness among the masses regarding the importance of holistic principles to enhance one’s wellbeing.
To introduce and to promote the holistic principles in the existing health care practices.
To encourage people to actively participate in their own health by giving proper importance to one’s psychological, emotional and spiritual status..
To create a health conscious world by giving more importance to the preventive aspects of health, life style changes, nutrition and meditation etc at the earliest possible time as creating health is not a product to be achieved but a continuous on-going process.
To provide minimally invasive, very safe, cost effective health care services.
To become a resource of information regarding the multitude of these options and also providing the information about the concerned professionals not only in India but also abroad by having holistic alliances with the related associations.

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      Case Studies
A case of Ovarian Cyst: A female age 35 years Mrs C. working as a typist, came to visit our clinic on 24.04.2000 with complaints of pain in abdomen colicky in nature with history of vomiting unable to retain for 2-3 days...

A young studious girl studying in X std class, age 15 years name S. came to me for lack of concentration, forgetfulness, unable to focus for long, easily distracted. She looked tired, fatigue, dull with drooping of eye lids. Mother described that she is exerting mentally because of her studies and is stressed out...
    Patients Verbatim  
“Dr.Chawla is a great homoeopath,very pleasant personality,always accessible and makes you feel welcome even at odd hours and very holistic in his approach. I recommend him very highly.” Surendra Keswani

“Dr. Chawla is a great doctor. I was recommended to him by a friend in 2006 and have relied upon him since then. Even after moving outside India, I continue to rely upon his advise and medicines. A thorough professional with deep insights in his field, he is the doctor I consult for me and family.” Atul Garg
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  Homoeopathy is an effective natural remedy that has no side effects "
" Health is the real wealth "
"WHO has declared that Homeopathy is the second most used medical system internationally "
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